ArboledaVectorwork presents Arboleda Open BIM Project which brings a good example of total Integrated Project Design Solution. The presentation which includes ten short videos offers great details BIM based project delivery workflow from inception to production information stage. Arboleda is a real-life project which was completed in 2011. However, BIM had not been fully utilised in the real project; only the Architectural detailing had been done using BIM tools. What they are presenting here is revisit to the design through the ideal BIM route to exhibit how the real designing could have been done more efficiently with BIM. The presentation is very much comprehensive covering from Architectural to Structural, Energy, Egress, and Quantities.


We recommend that you go through this presentation to learn how we can use BIM effectively. It may not be good enough to learn BIM tools, but to learn what we can do with BIM - it’s a hit as that is dramatically presented in this presentation.

Open BIM Diagram

The real-life design process might have been different if this had been used in original project design. The challenges faced by the design team in such a context may not be therefore addressed fully in this example. However, the knowledge presented would be helpful to deduce solutions for other challenges too.

BIMLab extend the gratitude to Vectorworks for making a worthy presentation for everybody to access and learn. This was especially valuable for BIMLab Network because real-life BIM is not present in the Sri Lankan industry.

Most importantly, page offers you to download model files (Native and IFC) which will make a complete set of BIM models for your learning and experimenting needs.

Click here to visit Arboleda Open BIM Project.