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BIMLab Network Research Group appreciates the support and contributions by many individuals and organizations during the early days of iBIM.LK when it was known as BIMLab.NET.

BIMLAB.NET was developed and maintained by Mr. Suranga Jayasena, the founder of BIMLab Network Research Group. The site was modified and renamed as iBIM.LK on 18 July 2017 to reflect its expanded service primarily targetting Sri Lankan BIM interest group.

Articles, documents and discussions in iBIM.LK are offered with the expectation to enhance knowledge and skills among the community of enthusiasts and adopters of Building Information Modelling. Development of this site has had no commercial interests. Any reference to commercial products herein would be for knowledge and information purpose only.

Being a knowledge source, the site accumulates many resources available online in a structured manner. This includes embedding of online media such as Youtube videos. This is done only when hosting site provides such options. We do our best to provide reference to original source, and the credit for those materials go to original authors.

There is a huge amount of online resources available to learn BIM; and we do not compete with any. Instead, we attempt to present structured knowledge while appropriately linking and directing to this ocean full of BIM knowledge.

We do not share any information of our site members and visitors with third parties. Kindly take steps to protect any private information when you take part in discussion forum. We trust that you’ll understand there is risk of malicious acquisition of information (e.g. hackers), that we may not be able to prevent sometimes. Kindly do not use this site if this is not agreeable to you.

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