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This section includes the basic tutorials usefull for practicing CostX in order to know how to use the software for your work. However, an awareness about the software is useful before you start practicing. This 5 minutes Introduction Video provided by Exactal will help you know what CostX is (if you haven't explored about it yet). If you are interested, you may view this 40 minutes full demonstration. It is not based on the latest version of CostX, but still worth watching.

Most video and graphical contents here are copyrighted to respecetive publishers. What we do here is to present various contents in a logical manner that will help potential users. We do not have a commercial interest in promoting the product. Upon recognition of the need for Quantity Surveyors to be prepared to face future challenges, these tutorials are compiled for educational purpose in mind. Though some may include certain promotional material, they would also have educational value.


designrevIn this video, you'll learn how to deal with design revisions with ease. CostX affords the user the ability to compare one drawing with another or, if further revisions of the same drawing have been added, to compare a current drawing with an earlier iteration. You will be able to quickly and more accurately respond to the desing changes and update your estimates to reflect such changes.

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